It was perhaps at first glance to know that Lyon has just feet demanding Champions League match at Juventus soil. Against Bastia held after mid-thin lead, which he arranged Alexandre Lacazette, a long three-point gain but could not protect Energybet himself. And finally home to help their own shot by Pierre Bengtsson. Guests only decreased in late Enzo Crivellim.

The first major chance to create a home. After 6 minutes, he sent a sharp found in reaction between the three poles Ghezzal and goalkeeper Leca had to intervene. Subsequently, the dorážky tried to make Cornet, however, he went just over the bar. Then on the field for a long time nothing interesting happened until he came to a series of mandated Energybet penalty kick in favor of Les Gones in the 37th minute.

Goalkeeper Leca tripped in a fall in his own penalty area Ghezzal and Judge Schneider did not hesitate to show a white dot. Lacazette with the execution had more Energybet online betting games trouble and streamlined the ball into countermovement visiting a man in gloves. Two minutes after the break Corsicans played a man down in a field less because Fekira landed in Leca fouled opportunities.

The red card was in place, the goal Lecu subsequently replaced alternating Charruau. Moments later Lacazette could lead to increase, but failed and Gonalons was then unlucky to hit the post. The second goal, the home waited four minutes before the end, that’s Energybet when you Bengtsson knocked into his own net from a cross Ferri.

That Bastia played out of nine because after a second yellow card and subsequent red left 73 minutes Cahuzac excluded. All matches in these units is always a lot of red in the last twelve matches, they handed out nine judges exclusion. While Crivelli managed to Energybet reduce the settings even more guests this already but missed.