Caen after a promising start to the season was not enough to Lyon. This is thanks to a hat-trick Nabil Fekir won the class difference.
Last year’s runner up at the contrary, sport betting the first three duels did not work too. But this time it will go in all circumstances for the three points, I felt in Caen since the beginning of the match. After Raphael heart still headed head of Claudio Beauvue, but then it came on the agenda of its first Fekirova fluke.

Corentin Tolisso twenty-two and pass it forward boldly štrádoval outside the penalty area, where a shot to the far post from behind the defender Da Silva surprised Remy Vercoutreho 0 – 1st
At that moment it was played for twenty minutes. Domestic subsequently took over the reins of the match and created through Da Silva and Vincent Besse very solid opportunities, which, however, lacked a bit of luck. Then guests fared best when toying own corner kick, which could benefit Jonathan Delaplace, who, however, in the face of Anthony Lopes failed.
The goalkeeper OL in the first half certainly not bored, and proves very handy head online free bets Umtitiho Samuel, who had frightened his teammates between three poles. Not long after Lopes just watched Andy Delort shot from a free kick reflects off the crossbar to safety. And like many times before, and it’s true-known saying you do not give to get.
Corentin Tolisso centered across the field to Fekira, who ran into the box and completely before defending Chaker Alhadhurem took advantage of an attacking player. The whole event ended a surprising ground shot to the back post from which the ball bounced off the goal line – 0: 2nd First pětačtyřicetiminutovka then – perhaps a online betting tips little unfairly – ended for Hubert Fournier wards this impressive victory.
After the change of sides headed back Da Silva and Jordan Ferri liquidating the danger involved, just before the goal. After 57 minutes of each other but again made known to the tireless and unstoppable Nabil Fekir. This time could benefit from the excellent work of Valbuena, who had served the ball off into space a penalty dot, where the goal gives almost alone 0 – 3rd
Fifteen minutes later brutally attacked Claudia Beauvuea too active Damien Da Silva and had the red card to the locker room. Player fouled in the end result gave final appearance when they hit beautifully diagonally from the corner of the penalty area – 0: 4th Lyon thus finally took a break before the national team remains in sight of the best ones yet.