“There will be an opponent who is a clear favorite not only for the match but also has the greatest ambitions in the league as well,” reminds Karel Forejt, coach of the Hradec Králové team. With his three teams similar this season played. While at the beginning of the year he was not expected to have enough of the current champions from Nymburk and did not even beat the Děčín duel, he was able to catch another team with medal ambitions, Prostějov. It was the second victory of the season, when Jihočeši before the second round beat USK Praha.

“We are waiting for their weaker moments against our favorites and we believe that at that moment we will be strong.And that happened just in the bookmakers offer match with Prostějov, “reminds Forejt of a valuable victory 97:76. After a fast pace of the game, Vajgar’s players are coming to a bit of a break when they will play only two games in two weeks. And that’s a good thing for a young and tight cadre. In the summer, Jihočeši built a brand new team. Young team.

“And there are already the first improvements. Especially for young players from abroad that we have. He does not see that even though they are players from abroad, they are still young enough, “says Karel Forejt. But the joy is that he has been injured by all three players.

“Unfortunately, it does not seem to be okay within three weeks,” the coach said. That’s why Lions are looking for an alternative now.And on Monday, a new player from abroad could be in Jindřichův Hradec just to be the post of a player. This is a key post for the basketball team.

After seven matches, Jindřichův Hradec 1x bet can start the competition, which was not bad. “Before the start of the league, we did not calculate how much victory we had, but I must say that the two wins are not a drop, which is good,” says Karel Forejt. However, he adds that for him Even for his whole point, it is important that, with the exception of one match, his overseers did not fall out in any other way. “We did a bad performance at home against Opava.It was a pity and we did not have a match, “the coach said. “Otherwise, we managed to keep our opponents going.”

And in the same spirit, the last match against the strong Kolin lost his team, but only seven points. Lions perform well with fans. There are about six hundred of them in the games.