French coach Didier Deschamps, in the opening duel of the European Championship against Romania, was surprised to see the two biggest stars of the Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba teams in 1: 1. And tactics paid off because he could give more space to Dimitri Payet, who decided to win 2: 1.

As Griezmann and especially Pogba looked surprised when the jury announced their names. Like fans. Both drums were active, but Deschamps wanted to get Payeta into the middle of the pitch. That’s why he sent Kingsley Coman and Anthony Martial wings to play. “I made a decision, and I did not have much time to do it, and I wanted to reinforce the offensive.We had four attackers there and I had to alternate one of the midfielders to keep Payet in the middle of the deposit. That’s why we chose Pogbu, “he explained at the Deschamps press conference. With his decision he showed how much he believed in Payet, who won the nomination in the spring, and Pogba did not show a performance that “I know his potential is bigger than he did today. He can play a lot better, “Deschamps told Juventus Torino.” But it could have been the nervousness of the first game, even in the home environment. “” It was a lot of pressure. Everybody expected us to win. From a psychological point of view it was not easy for us because the players perceive what’s going on around them.I understand that it is difficult for Romania to absorb such a loss, but it will encourage us to be self-confident and help us to calm down, “Deschamps added.

His Romanian coach Anghel Iordanescu, Who agreed that it would be difficult for the team to make the team mentally and physically together before another crucial match with Switzerland. “The players are completely exhausted. They put everything into it, but they lost it.

That’s why we have to take into account the psychological aspect that is very important in such a tournament, “Iordanescu said.

According to him, the match was decided at the fourth minute when Romanian Bogdan Stancu dropped a 100% chance, When he did not hit the goalie Hugo Lloris up close. “If he did, it would change the whole game.But even so we played a good game. I want players to thank that they have fulfilled all my instructions, “added Iordanescu, whose team won the ME so far only in 17 games in 2000.

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