Claudio PizarroMuch decent game players are behind Udinese, who they take three points from Turin. The only goal had defeated local FC, although thirty minutes played out without the excluded Molly Wagueho!

Domestic Turin needed to shrug off cup defeat from city rival and had to do a very good chance. The Turin whole, but sports betting online recently lost a piece of its comfort and elegance, so it was awaiting challenging farewell to 2015. Coach Ventura tried to put together the strongest possible group in which we have had even names like Bovo, Jansson, Quagliarella, Belotti or with Molinaro Basellim.

The away team had Sunday evening to deal with many absences. Goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis operated by players like Wague, Danilo Felipe and Widmer. Alongside captain Antonio Di Natale, who is constantly discussed in connection with the possible end of career, stood tall and strong striker Stipe Perica. On the first shot of the match, which looked quite interesting, take care midfielder Badu. Padelliho goalkeeper but underperformed.

Fernandes found exactly Peric, who have compared the ball to the sports betting online goal. Subsequently fired fairly well, but again stumbled upon a great and attentive goalkeeper Padelliho. His colleague Karnezis still much work had a rather watched begin his offensive teammates tuned. Antonio Di Natale itself after fifteen minutes of the match, leaning back behind the ball and the goalkeeper Daniele padella had to whip out great save to his attempt to shut out!

A few minutes later to attack and finally got home. Against his former club tried to push veteran Fabio Quagliarella, who fired a volley high over the bar. Goalkeeper Karnezis had a chance to liquidate Andrey Belottiho who headed finish to the pole. After thirty minutes, had to turn quickly into the air, unscrew padella the ball flying sports betting online under the crossbar with his fingertips went over! Ten minutes before the end of a young bek Zappacosta fired and narrowly missed the pole!

Five minutes before the end, when the players breathed in Turin for further onslaught, they conceded. Of the rare chance to Tora came into the match with the ball at his feet and Stipe Perica lifted a ball exactly at the goalpost – 1: 0 for Udinese.

Ten minutes after the change of sides fired well Edenilson a goalkeeper padella had to quickly tame the ball well at times. Especially because before him stood a young man Perica, who planned to hammer the ball. The same player fired after five minutes of the goal, but certainly sports betting online showed that he can be a driving force offensive. Turin at that time did not have much strength to match dramatized. She helped him to do but a second yellow card for Wagueho Molla, who has been given a red card colors and went under the shower.

Total offensive Turin was also arrange alternate striker Maxi Lopez, who replaced defender Cesare Bova. Ten minutes before the end to chance after a defensive error by Ivan Piris got a youngster Andrea Belotti, who kick over the head fired over. Shortly before the end of the game could ultimately decide Widmer defender, but after a sports betting online precise pass Lodi fired just over the crossbar goalkeeper Padelliho!